Granada Relocation Center - Theresa Goodrich

Granada Relocation Center

The Granada Relocation Center was the smallest of the internment camps, yet it still had 7,300 prisoners at its peak and at the time was the tenth largest “city” in Colorado. Like Manzanar, there were eight guard towers. These were equipped with machine guns. Although never used, the threat was there. Now, all that remains are concrete foundations, the road network, and interpretive signs. If you’re wondering about the difference in names, it was originally called the Granada Relocation Center because of the nearby town, but with two post offices named “Granada” in such close proximity there was confusion. The internment camp was renamed Amache after the wife of John W. Prowers, for whom the county was named. Amache was a Cheyenne, daughter of Chief Ochinee. There’s some irony in naming a relocation camp after a woman whose people had been relocated.

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