Two Guns, Arizona - Theresa Goodrich

Two Guns, Arizona

Two Guns, Arizona, was a town that thrived and died in a span of about fifty years. It began as a trading post named Canyon Lodge, grew into a stop along the National Trails Highway, and became a full-blown tourist destination in the early 1920s due to the efforts of Earle and Louise Cundiff and a nefarious scofflaw they partnered with named Henry “Two Guns” Miller. Before shooting Earle dead with one of those guns, Miller convinced them to change the name of the stop and built a tourist trap that included a zoo containing mountain lions and bobcats held back by chicken wire. Part of his entrepreneurial activities included selling the skulls of Apache warriors who had perished in a cave on the property. Forget how disturbing it is that people would actually buy them - the ghosts of the Apaches got their revenge in 1929 when Miller’s store burned down and Louise built her own.

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